On Sunday

Infants, Toddlers & Pre-School

On the ground floor of the education building, paid staff and dedicated GPPC members care for babies and toddlers while parents and older siblings enjoy classes geared for their age groups. Our classrooms include props and play stations that expose young children to Biblical stories in a safe, loving environment. Our teachers lead children in fun activities, prayer and song, celebrating the presence of God in our world.

Elementary Education

Students in our elementary class (grades 1-5) learn Bible stories and explore Christian symbols through art, music, drama, and play. Every week children are invited to rotate through stations (crafts, foods, Legos, building blocks, and our natural world) that are set up to complement that day’s Bible story. This class meets in the Drama Room on the second floor of the Education Building.


Middle School

Middle school students meet in the E.T. Thompson room on the second floor of the Education building. Using the “Way to Live: Growing in Christian Practices” curriculum, our teaching team encourages students to deepen their awareness of God’s presence in the world. Conversations and activities are designed to challenge youth to get involved and “practice” their faith.


High School

Our high school class meets in the youth room at the far end of the second floor hallway in the Education building. This class uses the high school version of the “Way to Live” curriculum and invites youth to take on leadership roles in our congregation.

Our youth help plan numerous outreach activities, including the neighborhood block party and GPPC’s commitment to staff the 23rd mile water stop during the Richmond marathon (providing drink to the thirsty!). 


Adult Christian Education

GPPC is blessed with remarkable resources for education, and we seek to draw on those resources (such wise and talented people!) and provide a variety of classes to challenge, guide, and support our members as they grow in the Christian life and faith. We have explored topics as diverse as the Revised Common Lectionary and Christian perspectives on sex, gender and gender identification.  

Classes meet in The Chapel, Sundays at 9:30am.


Bible Study

This class chooses a book of the Bible, working their way through it a chapter a week. Using discussion questions provided by the study Bible and exploring other reference books, participants seek to bring life experiences to the text and see how the text informs and challenges.  During Advent, the class reads the Psalms. All are welcome to join us as our study is enriched by the experiences and questions and reflections of others.