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Advent & Christmas with GPPC

Love Feast Photo 2.jpeg

December 10, 2023

11:00am - Worship for the Third Sunday of Advent

Carla Pratt Keyes preaching

December 17, 2023 

x 6:30pm  - Moravian Love Feast (no 11:00am Worship that Sunday)

     Share the Christmas story in this especially warm and lovely service of carols, readings, hot chocolate, Moravian treats, and candles. Child care is available in the Nursery during the service. 

December 24, 2023 - Christmas Eve

11:00am - Worship for the Fourth Sunday of Advent

Carla Pratt Keyes preaching

5:30pm - Las Posadas Family Service

    Los Posadas means “The Inns.” This service allows children to share the difficult journey of Mary and Joseph, searching for a place to stay on the night Christ was born. Together we remember the birth of Jesus and the Christian vocation of hospitality.

9:00pm - Candlelight Service

       A traditional service of scripture, hymns and prayers, culminating with the Lord’s Supper and singing by candlelight.


December 31, 2023 - New Year's Eve 

11:00am - New Year’s Eve Sunday Morning Brunch Church

       We will be meeting in the Fellowship Hall for worship, which will include hymn singing, Bible study, prayer, and the eucharist - all shared over brunch! We hope this will be a meaningful way for you to encounter Emmanuel - God with us - as you also encounter one another around the table. Please RSVP to if you plan to attend.

Special Offerings

Gifts for Residents of Neighborhood Adult Homes

    We show love and support to friends in nearby Adult Homes in two tangible ways at Christmastime.

  • We work with other area congregations to host a Christmas Party, for which GPPC assembles bags of simple gifts (snacks, lip balm, Kleenex, toothbrushes, etc.) for each guest. A box for donations is in the Narthex. (The Narthex is our Sanctuary entryway.)

  • We interview residents of “The Palace” Adult Home (3502 Chamberlayne Ave) to see what they need or would like for Christmas, and we make their Christmas Lists available, so that you can do a little holiday shopping on their behalf. At the start of December, you will find a Christmas tree adorned with wish lists in the Narthex of GPPC.


Christmas Joy Offering

     Every year during the Advent and Christmas season, we invite you to contribute to one of four PCUSA Special Offerings: the Christmas Joy Offering. This offering supports leadership development for communities of color and provides support for Presbyterian church workers in times of need. You can learn more and also donate here.

GPPC’s Pastor’s Discretionary Fund

     On Christmas Eve, we’ll invite you to support GPPC’s Pastor’s Discretionary Fund. Many times neighbors and travelers come through our doors needing assistance. Often we refer them to organizations like ACTS (which we support financially), where trained case managers work with clients to assess needs, craft budgets, and offer help with rent, mortgage, and utilities. Occasionally though, we offer direct assistance: a night in a hotel, a bus ticket, a tank of gas, an electric bill, a gently-used computer, medicine, a meal. Your gift to the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund will enable us to keep making such gifts. Donations may be made here.

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