All are Welcome to Join Us for Worship, Sundays at 11am

Welcoming Statement

      We at Ginter Park Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Virginia, celebrate the diversity of God’s creation. In light of God’s unconditional grace and Jesus’ hospitality, we welcome into our fellowship all who desire to be part of this community of faith. We affirm all people equally, regardless of social, economic or marital status, race, ability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, or previous religious affiliation. As we are freely loved and accepted by God, we will offer love and acceptance in this congregation.
      Therefore, all the sacraments, celebrations, privileges, and responsibilities of membership shall be open to every member of this congregation. These include participation in all services of worship, the availability of pastoral care, attendance at congregational meetings, the right to vote, eligibility for church leadership, as well as opportunities for fellowship, education, and service.
      As a congregation, we are committed to living together in such a way that we give witness to Christ’s sacrificial life, saving death, and glorious resurrection. Loved and accepted by God, we will offer love and acceptance in this congregation.

-- adopted by GPPC's leadership in 2002

Join Us

Worship Times

     Worship begins at 11am. There are three doors to the sanctuary—one facing Walton Avenue, one facing the grassy area, and one that opens onto the brick archway.

We Sing A Lot

     Our worship includes music from a variety of traditions and countries, including American Sign Language during the singing of the "Gloria." Please feel free to join in or listen in - whatever makes you comfortable.  If you'd like to sing in the choir, you're welcome to!

Children & Worship

     Children are always welcome to worship with us! In the sanctuary we have a children’s worship area at the front on the right side, stocked with crayons and supplies for quiet activity during the worship hour. Children can sit with their parents there or in any of the pews. Please don’t worry if your child wants to fidget (or dance!) during worship. We understand that’s part of who children are. We encourage whispered questions and explanations during worship, too!

What to Wear

      We have no dress code. Whether you are dressed formally or informally, God welcomes you, and so do we.

Sunday Classes

     During the months when we worship at 11am (see “Worship” above), we hold classes for adults and children of all ages beginning at 9:30am.

     NOTE: During the pandemic, we are taking special care with children. Please check our newsletter here for current information.

Nursery Care

      We have two nurseries, one for infants and toddlers and one for preschoolers (birth – age 5.) You’ll find them by entering the Education Building from the brick archway and going to the first two doors on your right. Pagers will be given to parents so that the nursery staff can easily notify parents during worship, if a need arises.

      NOTE: During the pandemic, our Nursery Care has been suspended. Children are welcome to join parents in worship.



     In addition to street parking along Walton and Seminary Avenues, we have a large paved lot behind the church. You can access the lot from Walton Avenue (near the corner of Chamberlayne Avenue.) or from Seminary Avenue (you can’t see the lot from Seminary Avenue, but the driveway that hugs the north side of the Education Building will get you to it). 

Parking for the Mobility Impaired

     In the paved lot behind the church, the spaces closest to the brick archway are designated “Handicapped Parking.”  You’ll find a covered drive-through where folks with mobility issues may exit cars and access the brick archway without getting wet in the rain. Please allow passengers to exit, then pull through and park so that others may use the drive-through.