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Beliefs 1

Our Mission

The mission of GPPC is to embody God’s love by cultivating community, practicing hope, repairing harm, and doing justice

as Jesus did.



GPPC’S Vision

(established 2023)

GPPC will labor with God’s Spirit

to transform ourselves, metro-Richmond, and

the world, so that everyone can live a full and abundant life as Christ intends. (John 10:10)

In the next three years, we will do this by

    1) Cultivating relationships with God

and one another

    2) Deepening our understanding

of racism and white supremacy culture and

working to dismantle structures of oppression

    3) Engaging our communities

through our public schools and school boards

GPPC’S Values

Welcoming and affirming everybody

Nurturing love of God,

neighbor, and self through

worship, education, and service

Courageously collaborating with the triune God

to transform ourselves, metro-Richmond, and

the world to bring more of the peace and justice

God intends

Repairing the harm

done by racism, anti-LGBTQIA+ discrimination, sexism, and white supremacy culture

Cultivating a reverence for nature,

while working to restore God’s Creation

Forest Trees
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