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Our Congregation is -


A Diverse and Caring Community

     We come from all over the world and from all walks of life. God has made us family to one another. To learn from and care for each other is part of our calling – a challenge sometimes, but more often a deep and abiding joy.

A Church in a Neighborhood

     We are at one of the most fascinating crossroads in Richmond – with stately historic homes on the one side, and apartments and group homes on the other. We are a meeting place for residents of both, as well as residents from all over the greater Richmond area. We’re also one block from Union Presbyterian Seminary, where students, staff, and faculty enrich the church’s understanding of God’s purposes for us and all the world. 

A Purposeful Community

     We aim to live into the Great Commandment God’s people have struggled and rejoiced to obey since the earliest of times. As Jesus put it, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. And love your neighbor as yourself.” We want to nurture such love – cherishing it and encouraging its growth and development – in every member of the church. In a society like ours, where so many people feel judged, isolated, and afraid, we believe God’s love is a powerful force for healing and reconciliation.

GPPC affirms these values at the heart of what we share:

Inspired and inspiring worship that shapes daily life

Responding to God’s Word thoughtfully, creatively, and courageously

Offering Christ-like service to our neighborhood, city, and world

Experiencing and extending God’s abundant welcome

Learning from and caring for our church community

Church Leadership

     At Ginter Park Presbyterian Church we say the ministers are all the members, because we believe God’s Holy Spirit empowers each one of us to live and work as the body of Christ in the world – reaching out to those who are in need, pain, or difficulty – through congregational and individual acts of Christian witness, advocacy, and compassion.

     Our life together is governed by an elected board called the Session. Session members are called ruling elders, and each serves for a three-year term. The lists below indicate the year when these elders will complete their three-year term.

GPPC Session

Clerk of session - Sherry McCormick


Jack Angert

Kimberly Carswell

Cheri Nutty

Chuck Webb

Celedonia Brown (youth elder, one-yr term)


Ruth Brown

Andy Lacatell

Makara Meth

Jill Plack


Bonnie Neighbour

Don Peebles

Jen Pullen

Joanna Schneider

Igmara Sanchez Prunier (minister member)

GPPC Trustees



Owen Sharman


Pam Beckner


Ardyth Lohuis

GPPC Endowment Foundation Board of Directors

Appointed member of Endowment - Bev Tate

President - Amy Clark



Amy Clark

John Carroll

Ethan Lindbloom


Steve Booth

Colleen Miller

Vernon Plack


Nancy Brogdon

 Bob Roybark

Amy Spencer

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