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A New Lectionary to Guide Our Worship

   This year, GPPC is following Wilda Gafney’s A Women’s Lectionary for the Whole Church in our Sunday worship. We’ve chosen “Year A” of the Women’s Lectionary, which features the Gospel of Matthew with John interwoven, as the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) does.

     GPPC has followed the RCL for many years. We also spent four years with the Narrative Lectionary. This year we’re eager to see, as Gafney does, what it looks like to tell the good news through the stories of women who are often on the margins of scripture and often set up to represent bad news. We’ll experience how a lectionary centering women’s stories, chosen with womanist and feminist commitments in mind, frames the presentation of the scriptures for proclamation and teaching.

    We will follow this lectionary until Easter, then evaluate our experience. Please pay close attention with us!

   You can read more about the Women’s Lectionary and Gafney’s translations of scripture here:

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