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A Day Simply Doesn't Know How to be Still

When Julia and Zuzu were younger, one of my favorite books to read with them was a picture book in poetry form called The Sound of Day, The Sound of Night by Mary O’Neill. The book follows a young family through their day of hustle and bustle: “Day sound / Is a clatter / Of soapsuds / And spatter…”. The pages continue through the usual chaotic sounds of a day, ending in the first half with “A day simply doesn’t know how to be still….”.

A day simply doesn’t know how to be still. I think of this as I run around taking kids to and fro, volunteering here and there, being inundated with new forms of media, and the usual daily goings on of life. One day I will be still?

A day simply doesn’t know how to be still. This phrase was underneath my fidgety pulse last Wednesday at 1:45pm when I had to be in the car in order to make it to GPPC in time for Del Lohuis’s memorial service. I wanted to attend and honor a man whom I’d met (along with his wonderful daughter, Ardyth) in Sunday school class. It was important – but a day just doesn’t know how to be still.

While singing hymns interspersed with scripture readings, liturgy, and stories of Del’s life, I began to feel the fidgets leaving. It was not an easy thing, but I found as we sang and remembered this lovely person that together our workaday pulses began to shift. All too quickly the service was over and I did have to go get my kids from school. I looked up and saw Eleanor, Jess, and David all sitting up a few pews. Jess turned, caught my eye, and smiled. I pantomimed, “drive, baby, house,” meaning (of course) I have to run and get my kids. Jess nodded in understanding and at that moment I was filled with unbelievable joy. And then I realized that Jess and Noell are about to have a baby and the circle of life that is so rich in community was coming around again. Joy.

Maybe, just maybe, when we stop to honor a wonderful person and remember the coming of new life…then just maybe a day knows how to be still.

Kate Park

Kate is the mother of two amazing girls and is married to Andrew.  She truly feels she hit the jackpot with all three!  A member since 2010, Kate is taking an active roll in coordinating the Struggling with Scripture class  that meets on Sunday mornings.

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