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I Was Asked to Write a Little Something for Our Church Blog

Of course I said yes and then my mind went blank. I had no idea what to say.

I read Randy Hallman’s post again and thought I could just change a few words - like his name - and post it again. It was really a good read from a wonderful writer.

It made me think about how I’ve dealt with the pandemic and our ever-changing world. It’s been difficult, hard at times. How do you navigate a world where you’re afraid to touch? Afraid to touch things, afraid to touch people. Afraid to gather, fearful of a deadly disease that could kill you. And if you survive it, you could bring it home and pass it to your loved ones.

So what did I do? Convince myself and all of my family members to get all of the Covid shots. Yet, three of my children and two grandchildren got Covid. I believe the vaccines kept them alive.

Just when I was venturing out more, attending church in person - a new variant shows itself. I’m still fearful but - I’m vaccinated and I’m careful. I can handle this!!

It’s hard enough dealing with the hate and divisiveness in our country today. Putin starts a war with Ukraine adding the thoughts of World War to my already overloaded brain. It was at this moment I realized I had to hand this over to God. What’s going on in the World is bigger than me and beyond my control.

I’m happy that my Church is one that embraces all (we’re working on it !). I’m happy to be a part of our Kairos Team! Nothing pleases me more than when I see the church actively focused on living into what we believe as stated in our Kairos Statement.

I’ve surrendered my life to serve Christ and live a life that pleases him. I find comfort in knowing when I fail, he will forgive me and love me still. I find the strength to face the world believing this. I find peace in this chaotic world because I know how the story ends.

Life is full of choices!

I choose to surrender my life for Christ!

I choose to do what’s right!

I chose not to hate!

I choose to love everyone!

I choose to follow Christ!

I choose to surrender my life to serve him !

I choose love !

Diane Estep likes to say she's been with our church "since B.C." (Before Carla). As an elder and Kairos Team member, hers is a key voice in our Kairos Statement.

We are featuring writings from church friends and family in this space each week of Lent. If you would like to participate, please flag down Alfred Walker or email .

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