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Like a Rock

In reading many of the Psalms, I’ve been struck by the characterization of God as “rock”.

In general, the image from the many references to this metaphor (my quick review netted 17 and I likely missed a few) are adequately summed up in Psalm 144:1a, 2:  “Blessed be the Lord, my rock,…my rock and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer…”

So what’s the draw? Why did this metaphor jump out at me? Is it because I have a passion for Geology (I taught Earth Science)? Is it because I was raised around and climbed plenty of rock in the Mountain State (WV)? Well, probably a bit of each is there somewhere. Is it because a rock just is and won’t talk back to me? Probably not.

When I first drew more from the image of the Psalmists’ rock, I thought of an anchor. Something that holds fast in unsettled waters. So I’ll journey that pathway. Unsettled waters are as sure to life as sunshine and rain. There are plenty of unsettled waters around us these days.  If it's not our individual concerns, we can rely on the daily news to remind us that we're bouncing in all kinds of choppy waters. We can use an anchor, a steady rock. I’ve found anchoring rock at GPPC. It’s a large part of why I worship here.

It’s in our welcoming and diverse congregation - their honest smiles, their lively conversation, their acceptance of each other. It’s RJ at the door and the kids in the mosh pit. It’s the energy in our music. It’s part of the voice from the pulpit that reminds us to listen, quietly listen. It’s in our statement of purpose and the efforts of people to bring life to it. It’s in our many outreach programs that offer opportunities for all of us to live the call of service. So many opportunities. 

I’ve been a member of GPPC for some 15 years plus. I’m in my second term as a member of the Session. I’ve seen the church change. I’ve met many new people and I greet many people who were here when I first joined. I’ve seen the church grow. At present, we’re in exciting moments with the many opportunities I just referenced. I’m happy to be a part of GPPC. I’m anchored here. There’s rock here!    

(Oh, the picture I included is also a rock for me. That’s my steady friend Otto, my cat.)



Thanks to Steve Reppert for contributing to our blog reflections from incoming Elders.

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