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Money Stories: Remembering

We all have a money story.  Sometimes our story seems like one of scarcity, sometimes it seems like manna.  Sometimes it is fearful and sometimes it is seen through eyes of gratitude.  Jesus talks about money almost more than anything else which clearly means our money stories are important to Jesus. Our focus on money stories include the themes of remembering, releasing, reimagining and restoring.  Kay Steele shares some of what she remembers. 

Participating in Our Money Story which began last week in worship and a weekly Zoom conversation has proved to be very moving. As I remembered my early life experiences, I became newly aware of how my life has been shaped by my family’s decisions about money. Furthermore, recalling the generosity of others who sought to be good stewards of God’s gifts, I realized how their actions greatly impacted the living of my life.

As pastors, Don and I led our small church members through many conversations about stewardship over the years. One story has always stood out. One of our elders, a faithful and generous supporter of the church with time, talent, and money, told us how his stewardship commitments were formed. His father served as clerk of session and Sunday school teacher for many years. Each month when he received his paycheck, he would gather his wife and two sons around the kitchen table, open his checkbook and begin writing checks. The first check was always to the church. Occasionally, a household bill would have to be postponed, but the church pledge was always first. Billy has continued that practice throughout his own life, setting the example for others.

What stories about money do you remember? How have they impacted your stewardship decisions?

Thankful for the memories,

Kay Steele

Kay and her husband Don, both retired minister members of the  Presbytery of the James, started attending GPPC after their move to Covenant Woods in 2017.  Following previous careers, they served as co-pastors in Charlotte County  (13 years) and Colonial Heights (12 years) and then as solo part-time pastors in small churches.

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