Telling Our Stories - the Teen Years

We scrolled all the way down to check: “Telling Our Stories” posted its first entry in December of 2012. As the 20-teens come to an end, we might be shy of a full decade but we've hit the very Biblical seven-year mark. (And we’ve posted in every year that’s an actual teen.) Here are excerpts from our writers in 2019, followed by a few moments from years past.

Opening our senses to be in nature in a slow, deep, satisfying way surely will make us more grateful for the gift, less interested in exploiting it, more eager to take care of it. … Nature was meant to bless us.

Dan Jordanger

If I were a leaf,

I’d know it would not last.

Quiescent, I would wait

for dryness and for rustle

for words of wisdom from my neighbors as they waved goodbye

for nudging from the branch that gave me birth

for breeze to lift me off

and dance with me in pirouette as I went down.

Betsy Rice

When I first drew more from the image of the Psalmists’ rock, I thought of an anchor. Something that holds fast in unsettled waters.…I’m happy to be a part of GPPC. I’m anchored here. There’s rock here!

Steve Reppert

I’ve been at GPPC since B.C. - that’s Before Carla.

Diane Estep

That first Sunday an elder told us we were very much welcomed and very much needed. What a gift to be told you're needed! Four years later when I was asked to consider a call to serve as an elder, the decision was easy.

Ann Foster Marinner

I think of Ginter Park as my family, as my home. I think with that, there’ve been things that have been really positive and things that have been harder. I’ve seen our church go from passively welcoming to actively welcoming. I think a decade ago we were actively welcoming, but I think we’re actively welcoming now in a different way.

Jess Cook

I want to know, serve, and love my new church.

But mostly its people.

Mary Jo McFadden