The Next Big Thing

When I was asked to serve as an Elder for GPPC it was an obvious answer, Yes.  

A few years ago, 2 weeks before I retired from 38 years of banking, I had a heart attack at the office before anyone else was there.  Not sure at that time what was really happening, I left the office to work from home.  Later that day I had another episode.  Again not sure what was happening, Jane took me to the hospital.  We found out I was having a heart attack and a stint was put in the Widow Maker artery.  We also found out the survival rate for this heart issue was around 10%. When I contacted my assistant to notify others I would be out for a few days,  she made one of the most impactful statements to me, “Your guardian angel has more for you to do”. For months I was constantly thinking about what this meant.  It was troubling me all the time.  What was the big thing I was supposed to do? In the mean time I was volunteering at Habitat for Humanity building houses and serving on a committee for them, helping my sons with handyman work and offering advice, babysitting my new grandson and coaching a boys tennis team. One day it dawned on me that it did not have to be a big thing but simply being there to help others. This is how I view GPPC: it is all about being there to help others.  When the chaotic world becomes too much, I can look to Carla’s sermons to help me reset my priorities, fine tune my talents and me in my desire to help others.  I am excited to be a more productive part of the GPPC family.

Alan and Jane Chudoba joined GPPC three years ago. Alan is one of our new Elders Elect; they will be offering stories and reflections in this space for the next several weeks.

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