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To Die with One's Boots On, You've Got to Put 'em On!

Recently elected elders, Class of 2022, have been encouraged to make statements to the Ginter Park Presbyterian Church congregation that will reveal something about who we are. That’s quite a challenge: Wife Anne is still trying to help me figure out who I am!

How ‘bout my revealing in large part how I came to agree to have my name placed in nomination to be an elder for a second three year term?

I had planned to go off Session when my three year service time was completed. It seemed a good thing to do at my 81st year of life. However, our powerfully persuasive pastor, Carla, got hold of me and convinced me I should consider serving another three year period.

The clincher for my decision to do so was a desire practically all old folks have: “I want to die with my boots on!” No old person--the word “old” doesn’t bother me; I kind of like it--wants to ride his or her bed to death’s portal or to meet death after a long convalescence. We all want to die active.

The trick to “dying with one’s boots on” is so obvious it’s easily overlooked: You’ve gotta get up each morning and put ‘em on! Each morning you’ve got to get out of bed and stay involved in life. So I’ve got a small garden plot with tomatoes and peanuts up on the hill.

I’m grateful to pastor Carla for encouraging me to serve on Session, to the congregation for electing me, and to God for talenting me. I’m grateful for these opportunities and others to put on my boots!

Thanks to Kim Sydnor for contributing to our series of reflections from our current elders-elect. Kim is in the yellow jacket in this photo from his previous term as Minister Member on the Session (boots not visible).

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