What THEY Said

The year in blogspeak:

God spoke to me directly and clearly.  I would have preferred a ‘yes’ to my ‘no’, but experiencing physically the sense of being held close by your prayers and God’s love in the midst of the worst thing I could have ever imagined was a powerful and moving experience.

Ann Knox

I am not a person of vision, I am a person who likes to be helpful and step up to do tasks that others might avoid.

Eleanor Workman

I pictured God as a point guard spinning the globe on his index finger just like I practiced in my driveway each afternoon. Like an expert ball-handler, God never took his eyes off of us, never forgot to give us another spin, and never let us fall.

Emily Rhodes Hunter

I am sad to say that my boys will not be baptized at Ginter Park. We have found our local church family at Trinity Episcopal in Portsmouth, VA. But I am truly hopeful that they find the same love of God, the same lifelong friendships, the same spiritual community that I was lucky to have at Ginter Park.

Carrie Clark

I wonder how we will tell this (upper room) story and our stories in a way that comforts and makes the world as safe as a blanket fort and as comforting as a favorite story.  What is our “Once upon a time”?  I think, “He Is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!” is an awfully good start.

Beth Olker

I do know that one day I hope that my judgment is as free and pure as that of a young child.  “That kid has a ball.  I want to play with that kid.”  That person is my neighbor.  I want to know my neighbor.

Joe Adams

“If she is a [insert political label], how can she call herself a Christian?!?”

Kimberly Carswell

“I’ve got your back,” “I’ve got your back,” “I’ve got your back.”

Laura Kelley

(This blog) reminds me that sometimes our stories pick up where the ones in the Bible leave off: tales of imperfect people drawn toward wholeness, love, and the Perfect Light.